Samsung SAM EVO PRO 850 SSD

Design, Benchmarks and Comparison

Posted by Tech Grounds on December 8, 2015

As the SSD market expands there are more and more SSD variations such as M.2 and PCI challenging the 2.5” SSD market. The Samsung 850 Pro may not be as fast as the PCI or M.2 but it stands out from all the other 2.5” SSD’s on the market right now due to it being one of the fastest and having a sleek elegant design.

      250GB - £102
      500GB - £169
      1TB - £315

    The EVO PRO does not come with a 3.5" drive bay adapter as you may assume looking at the prices but what it does come with is extreme speeds which in my opinion is all you need but the drive bay adapter could have been a good addition seeing as many people will want to upgrade their HDD's with this beast.

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    The Benchmarks

    I ran a CrystalMark test on the SSD and its results were surpising to me because I have tested my Macbook Pro 2015 edition and its speeds were 3x faster than this Samsung SSD. I was hoping to see over 600MB but as you can see below it was close but not as high as it could be for the price its being sold at.

    Benchmarking done using CrystalDiskMark.

    As an alternative you could buy an M.2 drive if your motherboard supports it as they have excellent speeds and the prices are not much higher and can sometimes even be cheaper, Samsung themselves sell a 500GB M.2 drive for £149.


    As many people now days use a HDD, I wanted to compare this SSD with an average HDD so I chose to use a WD blue drive as they are very common and one of the higher end WD drives.

    Samsung SSD 850 PRO 512GB VS WD CAVIAR BLUE HDD 250GB

    As you can see above the SSD is miles ahead compared to the HDD and this is what people want to see because they expect to have much greater speeds if they are going to spend 4x more more the new drive with the same capacity. So for pound to performence this SSD does very good as it is around 4x faster than your average HDD.