Easiest fix for surface pro sound not working

surface pro sound not working

Sound not working on surface pro 6/7? disconnecting constantly?

I have been using a Microsoft surface pro 6 for quite a while now (over a year). The problem that keeps reoccurring is the ‘audio device not detected’ error, which causes the sound to stop working. As it kept happening repeatedly I thought to research a little into the problem and why its Microsoft surface specific. In my case the sound was not working on my surface pro only when a Bluetooth device was connected such as Airpods. I had tried many different solution online and only 1 seemed to have worked for me.

How to fix this issue

The only working solution I found was to upgrade my surface pro 6’s drivers. I purchased my device a year ago and hadn’t updated/upgraded the drivers since then. This was the most probable cause of this issue. Selecting the correct drivers for my device & installing them solved the problem. I have left a link below to the Microsoft support page. Select your surface model and it should redirect you to download the drivers.


Be sure to the select the correct drivers for your device/model and windows version/build. Each installation file is around 400MB and you do not want to be downloading them repeatedly of course. In order to find your devices windows version/build you can follow the steps below:

  1. Press the windows key and type in ‘system information’
  2. Once system information is open you should see something like ‘Version – 10.0.17134 Build 17134
  3. On the Microsoft download page select the installation file that matches your build. For example my one would look like ‘SurfacePro6_Win10_17134_19.092.25300.0.msi’

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